Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teachers Gifts

I think it is very important to let my kids teachers know that I appreciate them.  However with six kids, that can get expensive. I have some very creative friends that do amazing things for their teachers. I know many families stop giving teacher's gifts once their kids head to middle school because the number of teachers increases. When Mike was a high school teacher, he didn't receive anything from his kids or their families. I also know that teachers sometimes receive a bunch of, well...junk.  So here is my solution - and so far I have received rave reviews from the teachers.

ALL teachers and some special support staff receive the following:

Before school or first day of school: mini survival kit that includes things like, gum, bottle of water, "mix-in" for water bottle, granola bar, pencils, hand sanitizer, sticky notes, and business card with our info and the offer to help in some way. All wrapped in a paper lunch sack.

Thanksgiving: Party favor bag of caramel popcorn.

Valentines Day: Killer Blonde Brownie wrapped in chinese take-out box

Spring Break: Lemon Bar wrapped in chinese take-out box

Last Day of School: Pint Jar of BBQ sauce

Elementary School Teachers Only: Chili and Cornbread Dinner when we attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.

I have done different things for Christmas and am still searching for the "perfect" thing.  I can tweak this and change or add things, but I like the consistency.  And I have a few teachers that look forward to receiving their goodies.  If there are teachers that don't like it, I haven't heard yet...maybe they just pass their goodies along.  I did have one teacher this past year that said she was so exciting to have my child because it meant she would get goodies.

I am not one to keep my recipes a secret, so if you click on the name of the item, you can see the recipe.


Deedee said...

One of the benefits of homeschooling! :) LOL!

Actually I have had to figure out teacher's presents for our foster kid's teacher though. Thankfully here in England they only do things for Christmas. I did end of school year too, but seemed to be the only one doing that.

Thanks for the recipes!

Amber said...

Jenn! Good think I went to check your blog so I could fix the link on mine! And I'm glad I could finally get that BBQ recipe! Thanks! Although now I am really craving lemon bars and killer brownies! Not so good on my 30 day challenge. ;)

Heasleye said...

Great ideas! In our life, it's coaches that need gifts. :)

Heasleye said...

PS - Will we get to see pics of your new place??