Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dents in my Pride

I drive a huge van...think church van...think day care van...yup, that's me. We call it The Ivybus. And one child, who shall remain nameless, even took a rock to the sides, spelling out "Ivybus". I pride myself on being able to drive such a beast. I can park that thing in tight spots. I can parallel park. I can make u-turns.

A couple of months ago, someone rear-ended me and I ended up with a new bumper and the back doors being completely repainted. From behind, it was a beautiful van. Until today...

Today I was so proud of myself for squeezing into the last spot in a parking lot. I was squished between a cute Rav4 and a Mustang. I had to do a seven point turn to get in there, but I was in the parking spot, between the lines and I could still exit my vehicle without banging the vehicle beside me. Secretly I was hoping that by the time I was leaving one of those vehicle would have left. But of course they were still there when I was leaving. Trying to be so mindful of not hitting either vehicle I started the 45 point turn to get out of that spot.  I was watching my front bumper when a brick post sprouted up behind me! Never mind that it is attached to a building that is over 100 years appeared out of nowhere!

I am happy to report the post is fine - not a dent or chip. I did get out of the parking spot.

However, my brand new bumper now has a tiny dent in it...and so does my pride!

"Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall." Proverbs 16:18

I am thankful that I have a God who cares for me enough to correct me. I am even more thankful He corrects me in the little things so that I hopefully don't make the same mistake in the big things.  It seems just when I think I get this parenting thing down, I am dealt a blow to my ego and another problem arises  Only my dependence on God will keep me in check.

"Those who listen to instruction will prosper; those who trust the Lord will be joyful." Proverbs 16:20

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