Monday, May 14, 2012

Starting over...again...

Weight loss is my mountain I can not seem to get to the other side of. It has been eight years since I have been at the weight that I was pleased with. Life situations took over. Major job change and move. Two unexpected but happy pregnancies that resulted in wonderful children! Tack in a stressful job, and another move and a dash of apathy and you get today.

Years ago, back when I was young, stupid and naive, I told my hubby that if I ever reached a certain weight he needed to get me help and if I reached another weight he should just shoot me.  Stupid comment that was very selfish. However, sobering that I am closing in on the second weight.

This weekend, my family treated me to a wonderful weekend in Baltimore.  We shopped at IKEA and walked the inner harbor and ate dinner at Bubba Gump.  It was a fabulous, but I was very reflective on the fact that I was going to be happy sitting on a park bench rather that walking around the harbor.  Part of that is personality, but most of that was energy. I didn't want to "play" with my kiddos. I wanted to sit and watch them play.  And my hubby insisted on taking pictures of my kiddos and me. I purposefully positioned children in front of me and I have no desire to see how those pictures turned out. I am just thankful that he has not yet posted them to Facebook!  My clothing is not fitting and I do not want to purchase clothes in a bigger size.

Time for help!!!  I have started (again) tracking my food on and I have joined a group centered around the Max Capacity app. It is a strength training app for three days a week. it is available for the Android and they are working on an Apple one. I like the accountability...I need the accountability.  I have a starting goal of six weeks.  I am going to do this for six weeks! And I am getting my family on board. They may not be happy, but I don't care about happiness anymore!

So today, we start!  I have completed my strength training and walked for 20 min on the treadmill. And I am tracking my food...praying this is a change that sticks!

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Melanie said...

I'm right there beside you, cheering you on and working out "with" you. You can do this!